Samsung HG55EE690DB 55 inch

Model code: HG55EE690DBXEN

An all-in-one display enabling secure content delivery and in-room convenience

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Main characteristics
Screen Size:
55 инч
1920x1080 dpi
Clock :
;YES; -
Ethernet (LAN):


The introduction of cutting-edge technology enables hotels and resorts to deliver a differentiated guest experience. One prominent example is the transformation of in-room hotel televisions into a control hub capable of communicating with multiple integrated displays. As the latest evolution in hotel management, Samsung’s LYNK Reach 4.0 fuses the benefits of Samsung’s SINC and REACH hospitality technologies to offer a comprehensive content management solution. LYNK Reach 4.0 creates a more convenient and pleasurable experience by giving staff and guests greater control over different aspects of the in-room environment, ranging from personalized communications to more efficient room management. As a unified CMS solution, LYNK REACH 4.0 accommodates existing LAN, WIFI and coaxial infrastructures to amplify hotel management, monitoring and guest service functions. Through guest data storage and customized templates, hospitality users can create and deliver personalized guest messages for a more memorable experience. This includes access to a range of IPTV and RF channels, applications and services mirroring what guests expect at home and on their mobile devices. LYNK REACH 4.0 additionally enables two-way communication between hotel management and guests, ensuring quality service delivery with less in-room labor and maintenance required. By controlling in-room conditions ranging from power usage to connectivity, hospitality environments additionally can reduce energy costs and device clutter. With optimized network support for a variety of channels, Samsung’s LYNK Reach 4.0 helps premium hotels and resorts deliver a personalized guest experience and strengthen their bottom line
Increase Hotel Brand and Offerings Visibility with a Welcome Video Channel

Increase Hotel Brand and Offerings Visibility with a Welcome Video Channel

LYNK REACH 4.0 allows hotels to use Welcome Video Channels to deliver useful information to guests in a more engaging way. Through easy video upload or URL insertion, hotel managers can customize a channel list of clips showing hotel facilities or advertising special offers, local events or attractions. As a result, hotels can use up to four channels to simultaneously show targeted videos to specific public areas of the hotel, such as display in lobbies and restaurants, as well as in guest rooms. The ability to stream these promotions provides an additional revenue stream for hotels and enhances brand recognition.

Enhance the Guest Experience with Easy Access to Valuable, Real-time Information

With LYNK REACH 4.0, hotels can provide guests with a specialized experience built around their schedules or reasons for staying. Guests can easily access web, video and app content including hotel services, tourist information, weather reports, flight information and more with multiple-language support on their in-room TVs. For example, TVs in conventioneers’ rooms can display a custom UI and menu specific to the convention, including event locations, meeting alerts and entertainment options. In addition, videos and images promoting local event and tourist information, available discounts, and more can be displayed for quick and easy guest access.
Enhance the Guest Experience with Easy Access to Valuable, Real-time Information
Treat guests with a customized, cost-efficient Home Menu

Treat guests with a customized, cost-efficient Home Menu

Deliver a wide array of content to guests with an enhanced Home Menu that does not require the additional purchase of a solution or installation of a network infrastructure. New enhanced features enable hotels to welcome guests with a brief video introduction along with the hotel logo before offering live TV. This way, hotels can enhance their brand without the need of an additional solution. Guests can conveniently view resources such as the time, date and hotel information, and access frequently used TV features in user mode. The customizable Home Menu reduces the cost burden for hotels that lack the budget for an additional solution while simplifying Home Menu creation with a solution-embedded Hospitality TV.

Enjoy More Efficient Installation through Improved Plug-and-Play Capabilities

In a busy hospitality environment, time spent on display installation and maintenance is time that could otherwise be devoted to more critical growth-related activities. Through advanced plug-and-play settings, hotel managers can activate hundreds of in-room displays with minimal effort required. Operations teams simply have to navigate three basic launch settings to synchronize multiple displays and servers while also defining connectivity and language needs: • Basic Setup: A user-friendly interface lets hospitality managers define the language, picture and tuning, and clock settings. • Cloning Mode: To further enhance multi-display control, hotel managers can replicate communication and content delivery functionalities across all on-site displays. Once the cloning process is complete, users can activate their displays without requiring any further installations or compatibility confirmation. • Factory Mode: Hotel managers additionally can customize advanced display operations, such as audio parameters and connectivity settings, through an easy-to-access factory mode portal. The plug-and-play functionalities also enable certain non-hospitality environments to enjoy the same content and system management benefits. A unique Commercial Mode setting accommodates the specialized requirements of commercial users, such as government and education entities, without compromising performance.
Enjoy More Efficient Installation through Improved Plug-and-Play Capabilities
Offer Personalized Service from Check-in through Checkout

Offer Personalized Service from Check-in through Checkout

Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 platform ensures that guests receive personalized attention and convenient access to on-site amenities and services throughout the duration of their stay. • At check-in: The LYNK REACH 4.0 server uses the hotel’s proprietary management server (PMS) to evaluate guests’ unique information and greet them with personalized welcome messages. • During guest stay: Hotel managers can use data stored within the LYNK REACH 4.0 server to send guests personalized messages relevant to their stay, ranging from restaurant reservation portals to timing for other on-site services. • Express checkout: LYNK REACH 4.0 highlights and organizes all guest charges within a single screen, enabling a faster guest checkout process that does not require a trip to the lobby.

Maximize Guest Access to Entertainment and Information

Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 solution gives hotel managers access to a mix of IP (IPTV) and RF channels, creating a hybrid channel map capable of offering guests more entertainment and information options than available on standard hospitality displays. Through this enhanced access, hotel managers easily can compose and activate a channel bank list to meet unique guest needs. LYNK REACH 4.0’s extensive channel bank additionally allows hotels to offer specialized premium paid content available to applicable guests, creating a potentially profitable revenue source while offering guests more customized viewing options.
Maximize Guest Access to Entertainment and Information
Направете достъп премиум интерактивни услуги за гости чрез хотелските дисплеи на Samsung HE69X

Направете достъп премиум интерактивни услуги за гости чрез хотелските дисплеи на Samsung HE69X

С нарастващото търсене сред гостите за по-голяма гама от опции за забавление като част от техния престой, съвременните хотели могат да се възползват от модерни дисплеи, за да предоставят професионално обслужване, като същевременно постигат подобрена оперативна ефективност. Новите премиум хотелски дисплеи на Samsung HE69X превръщат стандартния хотелски телевизор в център за съдържание и забавление „всичко в едно“ чрез редица удобни функции. Дисплеите HE69X включват решението за управление на съдържанието LYNK REACH 4.0 на Samsung и дават възможност на мениджърите в хотела да доставят персонализирани приветствени съобщения, промоционални оферти и информация за местни атракции до конкретни стаи. Освен това гостите получават достъп до широка гама от опции за забавление чрез икономично, безпроблемно доставяне на IPTV услуги. Този пълен пакет предимства прави дисплеите HE69X идеалното допълнение към всяка среда в хотелиерската индустрия, която се стреми да подобри изживяването на гостите, без да е необходима пълна смяна на системата или дългосрочно прекъсване на работата.

Connect Share

Media entertainment including movies, music, and images come alive on the screen by simply plugging a USB drive directly into the TV.
Connect Share
Variable Speaker Out

Variable Speaker Out

Increase guests’ in-room mobility and enjoyment by connecting the TV’s sound to other parts of the room with the external speaker-out post. Guests can listen to their TV programs from anywhere in the room or bathroom through speakers installed in remote locations.
Headphone ID compatibility

Headphone ID compatibility

Give guests the luxury of listening to TV in bed without the cumbersome need to extend the headphone cable. The included Headphone ID detects headphones connected to the extension sockets next to a bed where your guests can simply plug headphones to listen to the TV without disturbing others in the room.
Multi-code Remote

Multi-code Remote

Increase guests’ TV-viewing enjoyment by eliminating annoying interference from other remote signals in applications, such as hotel fitness centers, where multiple TVs are in close proximity. The multi-code remote can control up to 10 TVs individually in the same room.
System Integrator (SI) compatibility

System Integrator (SI) compatibility

Samsung hospitality displays are compatible with various System Integrators’ protocols at purchase. This SI compatibility helps hotel managers save their time and effort when setting up multiple protocols between SI-provided set-top boxes and displays.
Sound Bar Compatibility

Sound Bar Compatibility

Couple a Samsung hospitality TV with a Sound Bar to let guests truly enjoy hearing their programming. Connected by a High-Definition Multimedia Interface® cable, settings are automatically applied, making installation a breeze. A single remote lets guests have full control over both the TV and Sound Bar
Software Clock

Software Clock

Allow your guests to check the current time on the TV whenever needed. Software Clock is a clock display solution of in-room TVs using a remote control. The guests can easily check the time with the press of ‘Info’ button using the remote control, even when the TV is off.


Basic Info
Screen Size: 55 инч
Resolution: 1920x1080 dpi
Backlight: LED -
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega Contrast -
Picture Engine: HyperReal -
Wide Color Enhancer Plus: Yes -
Film Mode: YES -
Output: 20W(L:10W, R:10W) -
Dolby: Dolby Digital Plus; -
Speaker Type: Down Firing Base Reflex -
Samsung 3D (2D ->3D): NO; -
Soft AP: YES -
Wifi: YES; -
Teletext: YES; -
ConnectShare™ (USB2.0): Movie -
Auto Channel Search: YES; -
Auto Power Off (Auto TV On): YES; -
Caption(Subtitle): YES; -
Clock : YES; -
Game Mode: YES; -
Picture-In-Picture: 1 Tuner PIP; -
OSD Language: YES; -
Input & Output
RF In (Terrestrial/Cable input): 1 -
RF In (Satellite input): 1 -
HDMI (Side/Rear/Bottom): 2/1 -
USB (Side/Rear/Bottom): 2/0 -
Component In(Y/Pb/Pr) (Side/Rear): 0/1 -
Composite In(AV) (Side/Rear): 0/1 (Common Use for Component Y) -
Ethernet (LAN): YES -
Digital Audio Out(Optical): 1 -
Variable Audio Out: NO -
PC In (D-sub): 1 -
DVI Audio In (Mini Jack): 1 -
CI Slot: 1 -
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): YES
Hospitality Feature
Hospitality Plug : YES -
RJ12 / IR pass through: YES -
Music Mode (Input: PC/AV/Component): YES -
Music Mode Backlight on/off: YES -
My Channel: YES -
Software Clock : YES -
TTX Clock Update (Analogue): YES -
USB Cloning: YES -
Hotel Channel List: YES -
Logo Display with Time out Setting(BMP/Movie): YES -
Welcome Message: YES -
Auto Source mode: YES -
Energy Saving Mode: YES -
Multi Code Remote: YES -
Mixed channel list: YES -
Smoovie Compatibility: YES -
Front Color: Black -
Stand Type: Square -
Weight (Set) With Stand (Kg): 18.9 кг
Weight (Set) Without Stand (Kg): 16 кг
Dimensions (WxHxD)mm With Stand: 1241.6x773.8x226.5 мм
Dimensions (WxHxD)mm Without Stand: 1241.6x715.6x54.8
Digital Broadcasting: DVB-T2/C/S2 -
Analog Tuner: YES -
CI/CI+: CI+ -
Power Supply: AC220-240V 50/60Hz -
Power Consumption (Max) (W): 110 W
Power Consumption (Typical): 60 W
Power Consumption (Energy Saving Mode) (W): 26.9 W
Power Consumption (Stand-by) (W): 0.5 W


  Product Samsung HE690 Samsung HG55EE690DB 55 inch Samsung HE690 Samsung HG49EE690DB 49 inch Samsung HE690 Samsung HG43EE690DB 43 inch Samsung HE690 Samsung HG32EE690DB 32 inch Samsung HE690 Samsung HG24EE690AB 24 inch
  Serie HE690 HE690 HE690 HE690 HE690
Screen Size 55 инч best 49 инч 43 инч 32 инч 24 инч
Resolution 1920x1080 dpi 1920x1080 1920x1080 dpi 1920x1080 dpi 1366x768 dpi
Backlight LED - LED LED LED
Dynamic Contrast Ratio Mega Contrast - Mega Contrast Mega Contrast Mega Contrast
Picture Engine HyperReal - HyperReal HyperReal HyperReal
Wide Color Enhancer Plus yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Film Mode yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Output 20W(L:10W, R:10W) - 20W(L:10W, R:10W) 20W(L:10W, R:10W) 10W(L:5W, R:5W)
Dolby Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus
Speaker Type Down Firing Base Reflex - Down Firing Base Reflex Down Firing Base Reflex Down Firing Base Reflex
Samsung 3D (2D ->3D) no
Soft AP yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Wifi yes
Teletext yes
EPG yes
ConnectShare™ (USB2.0) Movie - Movie Movie Movie
Auto Channel Search yes
Auto Power Off (Auto TV On) yes
Caption(Subtitle) yes
Clock yes
Game Mode yes
Picture-In-Picture 1 Tuner PIP
1 Tuner PIP
1 Tuner PIP
1 Tuner PIP
OSD Language yes
RF In (Terrestrial/Cable input) 1 - 1 1 -
RF In (Satellite input) - - - - 1
HDMI (Side/Rear/Bottom) 2/1 - 2/1 2/1 0/2
USB (Side/Rear/Bottom) 2/0 - 2/0 2/0 1/0
Component In(Y/Pb/Pr) (Side/Rear) 0/1 - 0/1 0/1 N/A
Composite In(AV) (Side/Rear) 0/1 (Common Use for Component Y) - 0/1 0/1 (Common Use for Component Y) N/A
Ethernet (LAN) yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Headphone - - 1 best - -
Digital Audio Out(Optical) 1 - 1 1 1
Variable Audio Out no - - no no
VOL-CTRL no - 1 no no
RJP jack (Remote Jack Pack) - - 1 - -
PC In (D-sub) 1 best - 1 best 1 best 1 best
DVI Audio In (Mini Jack) 1 - 1 1 1
CI Slot 1 best - 1 best 1 best 1 best
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) yes" - yes" - yes"
Web Browser - - yes" - -
REACH yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Hospitality Plug yes" - yes" yes" yes"
RJ12 / IR pass through yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Music Mode (Input: PC/AV/Component) yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Music Mode Backlight on/off yes" - yes" yes" yes"
My Channel yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Software Clock yes" - yes" yes" yes"
TTX Clock Update (Analogue) yes" - yes" yes" yes"
USB Cloning yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Hotel Channel List yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Logo Display with Time out Setting(BMP/Movie) yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Welcome Message yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Auto Source mode yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Energy Saving Mode yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Multi Code Remote yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Mixed channel list yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Smoovie Compatibility yes" - yes" yes" yes"
Front Color Black - Titan Black Black
Stand Type Square - Square Square Square
Weight (Set) With Stand (Kg) 18.9 кг - 12.3 кг 7.1 кг 4.1 кг
Weight (Set) Without Stand (Kg) 16 кг - 9.4 кг 5.5 кг 3.9 кг
Dimensions (WxHxD)mm With Stand 1241.6x773.8x226.5 мм - 972.9 * 622.0 * 226.5 мм 730.4x483.8x192.6 мм 561.8x383.5x163.7 мм
Dimensions (WxHxD)mm Without Stand 1241.6x715.6x54.8 - 972.9 * 570.1 * 54.0 мм 730.4x428.0x54.9 561.8x349.1x66.6
Digital Broadcasting DVB-T2/C/S2 - DVB-T2/C/S2 DVB-T2/C/S2 DVB-T2/C/S2
Analog Tuner yes" - yes" yes" yes"
CI/CI+ CI+ - CI+ CI+ CI+
Power Supply AC220-240V 50/60Hz - AC220-240V 50/60Hz AC220-240V 50/60Hz AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Max) (W) 110 W - 95.0 W 85 W 50 W
Power Consumption (Typical) 60 W - 45.0 W 37 W 28 W
Power Consumption (Energy Saving Mode) (W) 26.9 W - 24.4 W 20.4 W 15.7 W best
Power Consumption (Stand-by) (W) 0.5 W - 0.5 W 0.5 W 0.5 W
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