Model code: 9H.JGC77.15E

Projector BenQ MW864UST Interactive Projector with Ultra Short Throw, WXGA

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Main characteristics
Brightness, lumens:
3300 lumens
Lamp life, h (Standard):

Long-Lasting Picture Quality

With industrial-grade durability from DLP technology, BenQ education projectors maintain the long-lasting picture perfection by eliminating color decay. Unlike non-DLP projectors, BenQ DLP education projectors look brand-new after lamp replacement. And with over two million micromirrors and minimal heat buildup, the DLP chip endures over 100,000 hours without degradation.
Long-Lasting Picture Quality
Enduring Picture Perfection from DLP Technology

Enduring Picture Perfection from DLP Technology

With industry-leading high contrast, BenQ education projectors utilize advanced DLP-optimized optical lens systems to provide precise readability and crisp resolution for every single sub-pixel.

BenQ Eco Cycle System: Optimized Energy Savings

The Eco Cycle System eliminates electricity waste, reduces power-up wait time before and after class, and minimizes maintenance for lower total cost of ownership
BenQ Eco Cycle System: Optimized Energy Savings
Bigger Images

Bigger Images

BenQ education projectors offer a range of resolutions and projected image sizes to meet diverse classroom needs. Featuring crisp image quality up to 100 inches, our ultra-short throw education projectors deliver increased classroom versatility at reduced costs.

Future-Proof Modular Upgradability

MW864UST offers a variety of interactive and wireless upgrade modules for schools to deploy technology in multiple phases. Future-proof modular design simplifies purchasing decisions by allowing separate modules to be added as needed.
Future-Proof Modular Upgradability
MHL Support

MHL Support

With MHL, teachers and students can share content from Android devices on the big screen, conducting the entire lesson from the smart device without draining its battery.

Optical Technology Designed for Learning

MW864UST’s Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optical architecture eliminates the uneven brightness distribution of conventional projection. This next-generation optical engine precisely focuses the center and corners of the image, enhances corner uniformity by 30%, and evens out brightness uniformity for a smooth, comfortable viewing experience.
Optical Technology Designed for Learning
Enabling Interactive Learning

Enabling Interactive Learning

Create Interaction on Any Surface PointWrite™ technology works on any flat surface, so no expensive digital whiteboard or additional equipment is necessary. With the PointWrite™ module, images can be projected onto a desk or table for multiple students to easily share and write on the same screen, creating vast new opportunities for classroom interactivity and enabling possibilities for modern digital classroom. Multi-Screen Drawing PointWrite™ projectors offer multi-user capability, and two PointWrite™ projectors can be used to double the projection surface. With QWrite Whiteboard Mode, teachers can run different applications or display, view, and annotate across two monitors.

Simple and Convenient Wireless Dongle

For engaging and intuitive lessons, QCast wireless dongle fits into a concealed compartment and streams documents, images, and even Full HD videos from smart devices and computers to MW864UST without cables.
Simple and Convenient Wireless Dongle
Streamlined Wall Mount Alignment

Streamlined Wall Mount Alignment

For efficient professional installation, our ultra-short throw projector wall mount features an installation chart and ruler for perfect screen alignment and image position in the classroom. Even simpler, a three-way adjustment knob is located in front of the projector for cleanly installed, absolutely square screens.

LAN Control Compatibility

To help IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance effectively, MW864UST is widely compatible with leading projector control systems including Crestron, AMX, PJ-Link, and BenQ MDA for network control via LAN. BenQ Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software enables powerful centralized monitoring, control, and power scheduling across school’s projector network from a single computer, offering full access and control over every projector directly.
LAN Control Compatibility
Clear Images without Distortion

Clear Images without Distortion

Corner Fit provides individual adjustment of each corner for perfect fit and alignment onto restricted or uneven spaces.

Unobstructed Instruction Without Space Constraints

Requiring as little as 8cm projection distance for an 87” screen, MW864UST ultra-short throw projector can be mounted inches from the wall directly above the screen, eliminating distracting shadows and glare for students and teachers to engage and collaborate freely in front of the board.
Unobstructed Instruction Without Space Constraints
Uncompromised High Brightness

Uncompromised High Brightness

For perfect projection performance, MX85 produces 3,500 ANSI lumens and XGA 1024x768 high resolution for clear, sharp images and text even in large, bright classrooms. High brightness allows lights to be kept on during lessons, and the wide-aspect high resolution increases readability for expanded content.
Intuitive Setup for Interactivity

Intuitive Setup for Interactivity

PointWrite™ auto calibrates and saves its settings the instant it is plugged into a computer’s USB port. PointWrite™ then remains ready with no manual configuration or complicated training for teachers. And MX854UST’s interactive sensor guarantees reliable auto-calibration in any ambient lighting.
Windows Gesture Support

Windows Gesture Support

PointWrite™ projectors support intuitive Windows gestures such as zooming in and out or scrolling while browsing webpages, pictures or Google Maps. All multi-touch commands and gestures are supported for Windows 8 or above and future applications.


Technology: DLP
Brightness, lumens: 3300 lumens
Contrast: 10000:1
Resolution: 1280x800
Formats: Native 16:10 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
Screen size, inch: 87 ~ 120 инч
Sound: 10Wx2
Noise at work, dB: 35/29 dBA
Zoom factor: Fixed
Short-haired: Throw Ratio 0.23
Inputs: 2 PC In (shared with component video), Composite Video In, S-Video In, 2 Audio In, Audio L/R In, LAN RJ45, RS232, USB (Type A), 2 USB (Type mini B)
Outputs: Monitor Out, Audio Out
Lamp, W: 240 W
Lamp life, h (Standard): 3000
Lamp life, h (Eco): 4000/6000
Dimensions: 38.2 x 43.5 x 14.5 см
Weight, kg: 6.20 кг
Color: Бял & Сив


  Product BenQ MW864UST BenQ MW864UST
  Serie Series MW
  Model Code 9H.JGC77.15E
Technology DLP
Brightness, lumens 3300 lumens
Contrast 10000:1
Resolution 1280x800
Formats Native 16:10 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
Screen size, inch 87 ~ 120 инч
Sound 10Wx2
Noise at work, dB 35/29 dBA
Zoom factor Fixed
Short-haired Throw Ratio 0.23
Inputs 2 PC In (shared with component video), Composite Video In, S-Video In, 2 Audio In, Audio L/R In, LAN RJ45, RS232, USB (Type A), 2 USB (Type mini B)
Outputs Monitor Out, Audio Out
Lamp, W 240 W
Lamp life, h (Standard) 3000
Lamp life, h (Eco) 4000/6000
Dimensions 38.2 x 43.5 x 14.5 см
Weight, kg 6.20 кг
Color Бял & Сив
Warranty 36 M. On Site
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